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We have been gone for about a year but we're coming back real soon...with a new concept, a new look and a new found love for hair. So drop your email below and we'll let you know when we're back. Until then keep Lovn' Your Hair.

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Mi Mi's Regimen


*This is usually how Mi Mi's hair is cleansed.
1. Pre- Poo with my mixture of EVOO and EVCO
2. Rinse entire head with warm water
3. Apply conditioner to scalp and hair
4. Rinse thoroughly
5. Apply a deep conditioner * leave in for 20-30 minutes
6. Rinse with luke warm water
7. Tea rinse with Lipton's black tea.
8. Rinse with cool water
9. Use a cotton t-shirt to remove excess water
10. Apply a leave-in conditioner and oil mixture to scalp
11. Let hair air dry



~about once a month or as needed basis.
1. Pre-Poo with my mixture of EVOO and EVCO overnight.
2. Rinse entire head with warm water
3. Apply shampoo directly to scalp using a applicator bottle, massaging with balls
of finger.
4. Rinse thoroughly
* From here i follow the same steps as i do during a co-wash.

 {Scalp Maintenance}

*as need basis
I mainly use extra virgin coconut and olive oil.
Mixed in an applicator bottle I apply at least once a week to Mi Mi's scalp in about one inch sections throughout her entire head. Then using the balls of my finger tips I massage the oils into her scalp.

{Nightly Routine}

I add my mixture of extra virgin oils to the shaft and ends of Mi Mi's hair. She then wears a satin scarf or bonnet making sure all ends are pined up.



*This may vary depending upon the type of style.
I always make sure that while a style is in i moisturize Mi Mi's hair.

Cornrows styles usually stay in for 2-3 weeks
Other style vary by style basis

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to email me:

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